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US naval ship awaiting role in exercise

The US navy's Yuma at Limassol port

The US naval ship Yuma has been docked at Limassol port since Saturday waiting to participate in the international search and rescue exercise Argonaut 2019.

The vessel is to participate in the exercise on Wednesday and Thursday.

Lieutenant Greg Jonic told reporters that the Yuma is permanently manned by 26 members of staff including 16 military personnel, most of whom are in Cyprus for the first time.

The ship is designed to be able to operate in all ports, regardless of the type of service they have, so that it can be found anywhere in the world for the purpose of supplying the US Army.

It has the capacity to carry 312 soldiers and 600 tons of cargo, and develop an average speed of 43 knots (80 km) per hour.

According to Jonic, the ship will sail on Wednesday noon to the area south of Cyprus, where it will take part in the Argonaut 2019 exercise together with Cypriot, Greek, Israeli, British, French and German staff.

As part of the search and rescue exercise a Cypriot Agusta helicopter will hover on Wednesday night over the ship for the transport of stretchers and personnel. The same scenario will be repeated on Thursday night with a British Wildcat helicopter.


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