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Is democracy in Cyprus at risk?

Grivas with Archbishop Makarios

Another excellent piece by Mr Koumoullis, pointing out a dangerous development in RoC.
But we shouldn’t be surprised at all by the rise of ELAM, since their ideology is embedded among many Cypriots since decades ago. And this despite the tragedy of 1974.

ELAM use the same nationalistic slogans as EOKA and EOKA B and is therefore true “patriots” according to many Cypriots.

The frightening thing is that a huge section of the younger population in RoC today, isn’t taught and informed properly about Eoka, Eoka B and far right nationalsim as being the direct cause to the tragedy of 1974.

Elam is part of a much larger nationalistic section in our society that will always deny any fault on our part for the invasion and occupation of RoC by Turkey in 1974.

And to put any blame on the Holier than Holy Grivas and his creations Eoka and Eoka B is considered as treason by our nationalists.

We need more people like Mr Koumoullis who dare to confront the fast growing far right nationalism and fascism in Cyprus.

V (name supplied)

But not all agree with Mr Koumoullis

When an article brings so many points and factors,which are supposed to explain the growth of a fascist party in Cyprus, it would have been at least useful to spend time examining the role played by some factors such as the position of the “realists” in Cyprus and their “ contribution” to the strengthening of ELAM.

It is also useful to explain CLEARLY that the 23,000 that voted for ELAM is not the 8,25% of the people who were entitled to vote.From 641.000 voters only 288.483 voted. From those-288.483 voters- 8.25% voted for ELAM. That in fact is less than 3% of the electorate.I think.

In previous articles by the same writer the theory was advanced that (a) the older Greek Cypriot population did not want to live with the Turkish Cypriots because of what the teachings at school in their younger days( where they were taught “bad” things about the Turks). (b) The young ones did not want to live with TC because they never met their compatriots. Now the writer is advancing the theory that most youngsters are supporting ELAM. I meet youngsters in Cyprus from all walks of life and I find this theory absolutely flawed. It is also an insult to every parent and teacher.Such a generalisation says more about the “objectivity” of the writer’s research than the young of today.
The rise of the extreme right in the rest of Europe is higher than in Cyprus.The writer and others are not the ‘innocent’ bystanders in the establishment of ‘extremism’. They certainly are not “ complicit” intentionally but their constant vilification and half truths about the struggle of 1955-59 and other such matters gave the opportunity- to people like ELAM-to steal some good parts of our history and manage to brainwash a number of people.
The extremists in Cyprus are not that many. But they will not be stopped by any laws. That will only increase their attractiveness to some and make “heroes”  of some cowards who never served their country ..but served as bodyguards to “Golden Dawn” leaders.

As a last point- and even though we should be aware of the danger- if you try to falsely present ELAM as a big party you are helping them.

In Cyprus we are not governed by parliamentary democracy.The power is with the President so think about why ELAM has some power but know that there is NO similarity to how Hitler was elected.


Uphill battle to curb the zealots of darkness

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