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Larnaca municipality to install greener street lighting

Larnaca municipality and the Electricity Authority (EAC) on Friday signed a contract for the supply and installation of LED street lighting, a move expected to bring about energy savings of 67 per cent.

The EAC will upgrade lightingin the municipality by installing a total of 8,300 LED lights at a total cost of €1,377,499.40 plus VAT, a figure which includes eight years of maintenance, including that of the old light fixtures.

Replacing the light bulbs will both reduce electricity consumption and the cost the municipality has to pay for electricity, the municipality announced. The Larnaca municipality is expected to save around €500,000 per year, depending on which bulbs are going to be used, while pollutants will also be reduced and there will be better lighting quality.

Replacement of road lighting is expected to begin at the end of December and to be completed by the end of May 2020.

The share of electricity consumed for lighting is 19 per cent globally and 14 per cent in the European Union. In Europe incandescent bulbs are being phased out and must be replaced by new, energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting technologies.

The implementation of the new LED technology will save not only energy but also money as their life span is much longer, reducing street lighting maintenance costs by 50 to 70 per cent. In addition, LED lights provide clearer vision for motorists, especially in bad weather conditions.

At the same time, incandescent lights attract night-migrating birds more than LED lights. The reduced direct and reflected up-light also means a reduction in urban sky glow.

The initial cost is considerable, but as current electricity and maintenance costs are high, it is expected to be paid off soon. Moreover, EU directives request a reduction in energy consumption.

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