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A festival dancing with waves

The Dance Waves Festival is a contemporary dance festival that begins its second decade of action with nine works – five by young Cypriot choreographers and four by invited choreographers from abroad, specifically the Lucky Trimmer (Berlin) festival.

The festival will be held at the Egomio Cultural Centre on Saturday and Sunday and will be a platform for young creators to present their work and their own movement language searching for the point of contact with a wide audience.

“The festival is versatile,” say organisers, “full of exciting ideas that emerging choreographers and more mature choreographers really believe in. Egomio is a creative power point for dance creation and performance. It has a unique status as a performing arts. Artists from all performing arts, push their creative boundaries, experiment and perform outstanding short 10 minutes dance pieces for audiences who love contemporary dance and expect to get inspired and delighted.”

Choreographers invite the public to dance internally and to follow the rhythms, tensions and understand the dimensions of contemporary dance today. The dance pieces from guest choreographers who come from Germany, France, Greece and Israel have been awarded at many international festivals.

Besides performances, contemporary dance workshops will also be held on Sunday. The workshops are open to professional dancers and advanced level students.


Dance Waves Festival

Contemporary dance festival with 5 worKs by young Cypriot choreographers and 4 invited choreographers from abroad. November 9-10. Egomio Culture Centre, Nicosia. Performances at 9pm. Tel: 22-781104

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