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Interactive exhibition calls on viewers to think about refugees

An interactive exhibition on for four days only at the Mall of Nicosia calls on visitors to take part and think about the lives of those less fortunate than themselves.

Seventeen-year-old student at Pascal English School Nicosia Morfo Nikita is also an avid activist, who is keen to raise awareness through her art and has been actively working to inspire and ignite political and social change over the past three years through her work.

The piece she will be exhibiting at the Nicosia Mall illustrates and depicts the stories of refugees who are victims of war and suffering, through handmade blankets made from reclaimed fabric.

Morfo says the installation is inspired by how she felt when she met a family from Iraq a few years ago, that had left their home with the hope of a better tomorrow. “This experience motivated me to embark on this journey of creating a series of blankets which will be sent to the refugee camps here in Cyprus. Each blanket is made of 400 pieces of reclaimed cloth and on each piece, I ask viewers to write a welcoming wish or message of hope to the recipient. The handwoven blanket, a domestic item that provides protection and warmth, also symbolises a warm embrace for all those that are forced to leave their country in search of a safer home,” says Morfo.

The exhibition will consist of two installations including a monumental mural as well as the interactive piece. Visit the exhibition until Sunday betweem 5pm and 7pm at the mall.

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