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Take a virtual tour to the exhibition ‘Agonies – Diamantis’ (28 March 2018 – 01 October 2018) by A. G. Leventis Gallery

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition here:

This temporary exhibition was dedicated to the pioneering Cypriot artist Adamantios Diamantis (1900-1994), continuing the A. G. Leventis Gallery’s research into the history of modern Cypriot art. The exhibition focused on ‘Agonies’, the important series of works from Diamantis’ oeuvre, exhibiting the eight emblematic paintings, created from 1963 to 1977, together for the first time.

The exhibition also included ‘Woman with Outstretched Arms’, the final complete work by the artist, made in 1983-1984, considered to be the conclusion of the ‘Agonies’ series, as well as of Diamantis’ artistic journey, which lasted almost the entire 20th century. In contrast to his monumental work ‘The World of Cyprus’, in ‘Agonies’ the protagonist is the woman in the role of the mother.

Τhe ‘Agonies’ series explores the artist’s relationship with all the important events that marked his homed in the 20th century. In the political situation taking shape in Cyprus, Diamantis could see dangers lurking which he discerned would not allow a lasting peace on the island. With his life and art always having been irrevocably bound with the world and destiny of his native land, he felt a great anxiety which was constantly growing and which, inevitably, would be reflected – as an outlet or as an exorcism – in his work, especially in the ‘Agonies’ series. To Diamantis’ agonising about the future of his homeland and about his disconnection from his world of inspiration, other personal anxieties, both existential and artistic, were added.

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