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Twice AKEL blocked the road towards a solution

The Peace Plans 1978 Anglo-American-Canadian Plan
Another missed opportunity. The Peace Plans 1978 Anglo-American-Canadian Plan (Photo:Nicos Rolandis)

We had two very good opportunities in the past for decent solutions to Cyprob, in 1978 (the Anglo-American-Canadian plan) and the Annan plan in 2004.

In 1978, for example, there were no Turkish settlers in the occupied area and family homes, public buildings and all infra structures were intact.

If we had showed that we trusted the TC’s in 2004, the Turkish troops would have been gone today (except of the 650 as stated in the constitution), the majority of refugees would have been back in their homes (Famagusta, Morphou and circa 35 villages, the area controlled by the TC’s today would have been reduced by 12%, 40,000 settlers remaining (as compared to 150,000-200,000 today) and the EU acquis valid for the whole of Cyprus.

But both times DIKO and AKEL voted NO.

In 1978 Ezekias Papaioannou, on orders from the USSR, refused to accept the plan since it was a “Anglo-American imperialistic plan” and not because of the content itself which he originally accepted.

In 2004 history repeated itself. Originally Demetris Christofias accepted the Annan plan, but a little while later made a 180 degree turn around and asked his flock to vote NO. His famous “vote NO now to cement the yes’ is a perfect example of an immature and clueless politician, more concerned about his own and his party’s well-being, than that of the country he was supposed to be serving.

As for the quote from Mr. Espen Barth Eide, I just want to remind you once again, that the referendum took place in Cyprus and GC’s and TC’s were asked to vote for a solution of the Cyprob which they themselves had negotiated.

The TC’s voted yes for a future with our side, but we voted no. In other words, we slammed the door in the face of the TC’s for a future together.

How can they trust us?


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