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Take your brains with you when you drive

Once again I read that there have been road fatalities in Cyprus this seems to be a continuing saga, when will the local drivers remember to take their brains with them when they put their key in the ignition, it does not take Einstein to realise speed limits are in force for a reason.

So can one of those so called drivers explain to me that when I am doing the limit  leaving a two chevron gap between the car in front the car which has been tailgating for a while finds that it is necessary to overtake me thus cutting in front  of me so creating a situation where I have to brake this causes the car now behind me to brake as well thus causing a domino effect the person who created this situation is now in front of me oblivious to the fact that they have created a near serious situation.

Also there are too many female drivers with children unbelted either on the school run or just out socially still using mobile phones cutting corners whilst trying to manoeuvre the car with one hand, and when I brought this to a person’s attention I am given a look that could kill, as if it was my fault that she almost hit me, the motorcyclists who ride without helmets and appropriate body protection are also putting themselves and other road users in jeopardy, so please everyone as I said earlier in this letter  ‘take your brains out with you’  when you use the road and do not speed.

I am an ex pat living in sunny Cyprus with an HGV 1,2,3 A Hackney carriage taxi driver for 24 years and I am licensed so I do feel I have justification and experience in stressing my opinion into the driving standards on the Cyprus roads, I would also like to add unfortunately not many of the motorists here would not last five minutes on the UK roads with the vigilant police and laws re phones, tailgating and speed cameras so please drivers go to this “ROADAR” and learn how to drive safely so as not to add more road fatalities to the ongoing total after all driving safely is common sense and should be pleasurable.


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