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‘This is a mortal sin’ says anti-gay protester

By Evie Andreou

A peaceful anti-gay protest against the ‘propaganda of the homosexuals’ was organised on Saturday by the Pancyprian Christian Orthodox Movement (PACHOK) at Ochi roundabout in Nicosia .

Heavily guarded by police, approximately 100 participants came from Limassol and the Famagusta areas to protest against the Pride Parade and to support the Holy Synod’s position on the matter.

“We would have been more if the priests joined us, but the Church asked them not to participate after the rumours that we were going to cause trouble. We came in peace” said one participant.

The protesters held banners with slogans against homosexuality supported by quotes from the scriptures.

“We are here to support the position of the Holy Synod, we have nothing against the homosexuals; we are protesting against their pathos. If they get their rights, in a decade paedophiles will too ask for their rights just like in Germany and Austria where they have their own associations,” said Marinos Spetsiotis from Xylofagou, President of PACHOK.

Bishop Varnavas of Trimithountos, in his address to the protest called homosexuality an ‘abnormality’.  He said if homosexuality was normal and genetic, God would not expect repentance and he wondered why homosexuals did not seek medical treatment like any other person suffering from hormonal imbalance “instead of parading and advertising their hormonal specificity”.

Protesters said they had nothing against homosexuals but against the act of homosexuality.

“This protest is not against homosexuals but against the pathos of homosexuality. It is not diversity, but perversion, sin and a fall according to the Holy Book. We are here to give people the right message out of love for our homosexual brothers but also to protect the people and especially youth against this propaganda that promotes this passion” said Ilarion, a monk from the Stavrovouni monastery.

“God’s wrath will destroy Cyprus, this is a mortal sin” said Elisavet Perikleous from Ayia Fyla.

At the gathering, PACHOK was collecting signatures for the petition which will be handed over to President Nicos Anastasiades, expressing disagreement for the promotion of laws supporting homosexuals.


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