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Akel reeling over Greek communists’ rejection of bizonal solution

Solidarity leader Eleni Theocharous has welcomed KKE's move

The Akel leadership has been left shell-shocked after the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) with whom it has had close ties for more than half a century, withdrew its support for a bicommunal, bizonal federation in Cyprus.

The situation has been compounded by Solidarity leader Eleni Theocharous who says she fully agrees with the position of the KKE and is seeking a meeting with them.

Akel is the only other political party, along with ruling Disy, that fully supports the current negotiations but were stunned when the KKE issued a lengthy announcement withdrawing its support citing Nato interventionism and Western imperialism “centred around the logistics of oil and gas pipelines”.

“We believe a bizonal federation with two constituent state does not ensure one sovereignty, one citizenship and one international personality,” the KKE said. “Two constituent states constitutes a confederal solution”.
The KKE also said there had been a degradation of the Cyprus problem away from the issue of “invasion and occupation”. “This has the stamp of Nato intervention and general imperialist plans in the region,” the Greek party added.

It said it supported the withdrawal of all Turkish troops and settlers, the return of all refugees to their homes and the closure of the British bases.

Theocharous said in a statement on Tuesday that she had sent a reply to the KKE in which “I informed them that I fully agree with the positions mentioned in the letter, and asked for a meeting with them to discuss specific positions more extensively.

“The KKE supports the rights of the Cypriot people and perceive that the notorious bizonal bicommunal federation will divide Cyprus and its people forever, and make it into a protectorate of the fascist Turkish regime,” Theocharous said.

According to Politis, Akel spokesman Stefanos Stefanou told their radio station the party was preparing a reply to the KKE.

“Our position, which is not going to change is that the stakes in the solution of the Cyprus issue is not a choice between a bizonal bicommunal federation or single state. The stakes are a choice between a bizonal bicommunal federation or partition,” he said.

“We express our regret, because the Communist Party of Greece changed its position. It is the right of the party to make these choices, but Akel will continue on this road, which was set in 1977.”

It is not known whether the KKE decision was in any way linked to Moscow, given that many analysts believe Russia would prefer Cyprus to remain divided for its own strategic interests.


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