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Making your own electronic instruments

The Bank of Cyrus Cultural Foundation continuous its cultural activities this month with a DIY Electronics workshop next Saturday.

This innovative music workshop for adults will combine education with performance. After the morning workshop – which will run from 10am until 1pm – all participants will take part in a concert at 7.30pm.

Within the context of the Moments at the Museum series, Dr Nasa Theraponos will guide participants into creating new sounds by crafting and then playing DIY electronic musical instruments. This imaginative initiative is addressed to young people eager to create and stand out in a crowd.

The primary aim of the project is for participants to improvise and play electronic musical instruments and then graph a musical score as a way of enriching a concert.

Under the title Fleeing Clarity, featuring clarinettist George Georgiou – who is a graduate of City University, London, where he studied the clarinet and who has performed a number of recitals in the UK, USA, Cyprus and Ireland – and interactive visuals by Dr Theodoros Christoudias, all the participants will have the chance to perform on their DIY electronic instruments. The performance will include audio-visuals with video projections and live electronics.

DYI Electronics and Feeling Clarity Concert
Workshop for adults, followed by a musical performance and interactive visuals. April 14. Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Nicosia. 20am-1pm for the workshop and 7.30pm for the performance. Free. Tel: 22-128182

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