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New airline has a heart

Last February, we booked flights from Larnaca to Manchester on Cobalt Air, travelling in mid-July for our planned summer holiday.

Living in Cyprus for retirees is like a permanent holiday in some ways, but we still feel the need to return to our roots and our family members occasionally.

In mid-April, my husband was diagnosed with a serious illness, which involves regular attendance at the clinic; in May, we were advised by the senior doctor in charge that he could not possibly recommend the travel we had booked.  He provided a formal medical certificate to this effect.

Alas, on approaching Cobalt to request cancellation and refund, we were informed that this would not be possible as the tickets were non-refundable economy class.  We pleaded “exceptional circumstances”, but learned only that we could leave the tickets open for a year.

Today we received an email advising us that our case had been re-evaluated, and a full refund would be made.  We are profoundly grateful to Cobalt for this decision, which must have been taken at a high level, and felt that a public “thank you” through your pages was the best way of expressing our feelings.  Of course, we have every intention of booking our next flights with this young airline, who have shown that they can treat passengers in an extraordinary situation with sympathy and understanding.  Bravo Cobalt!

Hilary & Peter Ives, Nicosia


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