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Limassol launches two new environmental projects


Limassol municipality will start two new projects to encourage recycling and composting, the city’s mayor announced on Monday.

One of them is a ‘Benefit as you save’ (BAS) pilot programme which aims to address the very low recycling rates in Limassol.

As part of the European project ‘Enhancing citizen participation in recycling processes’ 215 households in the Ekali area of the town were selected, who will receive free 240-litre mixed waste bines, 220-litre household composting bins and recycling bags.

Each time the garbage is collected, the contents of each bin will be analysed and the filled bins are going to be weighed.

The participating residents will be given incentives in the form of reductions in annual taxes, free access to public parking spaces at certain times, and free entrance to the Limassol zoo and events such as the annual wine festival. The three residences with the best results will be awarded honorary plaques.

Based on the data gathered from the pilot project the municipality will progressively implement the scheme throughout Limassol, through subsidy schemes for the purchase of waste bins and composting.

The second project the municipality is working on is the installation of autonomous composting machines (ACM), for which it has signed a contract for €164,500, which is co-funded by the EU.

Three points were selected for the placement of the machines, where people pass by every day and within walking distance of the city’s public garden.

To determine the most appropriate locations for their installation a series of on-site visits were carried out with the cooperation of the Cyprus University of Technology.

The areas will be fenced in and there will be a special access system, only accessible for those entitled to their use, including disabled people.

Mayor Nicos Nicolaides said the measures were necessary as the average Limassolian produces 600 kilos of garbage each year, of which only 10 per cent is recycled.

By 2030, the share of recycled waste should rise to 70 per cent, according to European legislation, he added.


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