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Cyprus tourism: losing quality in race for quantity

Will there be a huge drop in British tourists in 2020?

Comments made by myself and others on the CM forum that call for an increase in the quality of the product on offer to tourists often result in insulting responses. Remarks that: all is fine, better than elsewhere, you know nothing about the tourist industry, go and live elsewhere and the like, all simply highlight the general perception that more ‘bums on seats’ is the only way forward.

Certainly there is a place for the loud, boozy, tacky, party hard, sleep late tourists who are mostly young, but, being younger, many of these people yearn to travel and visit different places, not return to the same year after year.

Many older tourists, who happen to have major spending power, want to revisit places they are comfortable with, where genuine friendly service, comfort, room to move, quality cuisine are offered as standard; most importantly this grouping of people are prepared to pay for such quality in a product.

Regretfully I suspect Cyprus tourism has gone so far down the line away from quality to focus on increasing numbers, recovery is unlikely. The lack of a quality product often attracts those who can be best described as ‘bottom feeders’ who seem to revel in their selfishness, poor behaviour, rudeness and loutish boorishness, in which I include, to my sorrow, many fellow countrymen.

The behaviour of these and their ilk is tolerated by businesses and proprietors as the price to pay to fill the till, with little consideration for others who find it disgusting and leave never to return.


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