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The Annan Plan was a compromise deal

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan

We have already been presented with a compromise deal.

The UN Annan Plan of 2004 proposed that there should remain only 3000 Greek and 3000 Turkish troops on the island by 2010 and numbers would be further reduced after that. It also proposed the most comprehensive land and property plans for the two communities and a progressive structure of governance.

Unfortunately, whereas Turkish Cypriots overwhelmingly accepted the plan at the referendum, the Greek Cypriots overwhelmingly rejected it after GC politicians ratted on the deal.

It is clear that so long as Hellenism and right wing Greek Orthodoxy defines the mindset of many of the people of the South, which glorifies nationalism and sees the people of the North as outsiders, there will be no chance of a solution. We need to remind ourselves that when the “push came to the shove”, even Akel advised GC referendum voters to vote “no” to the deal at the last minute. And this was at a time when there was no Elam.

What good do all the embargoes do on the northern part of Cyprus?

It is time now for the northern part of Cyprus to be admitted to the EU, and promises made by the EU in 2005 on trade etc to be fulfilled. What good do all the embargoes on North Cyprus do to anyone?


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