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Bar review: To Leoforio, Nicosia

Two hours before midnight on a weekday, my friends and I were returning home when we saw a bus. Public transport couldn’t have possibly improved so radically within the old Nicosia walls! No, it was just the front of a bus. It is a coffee shop called Leoforio (Bus), and what a wonderful idea.

We were greeted with smiles in what looked like a vintage living room with dim lighting and splashes of warm colour. Exhausted from our intense studying session earlier in the evening, we were unaware of the live music.

A couple of strangers moved seats to make space for us. Somebody asked if we were hungry and -to my surprise – I was promptly served some hot soup. I sat, looking around the friendly faces in the room. This sort of hospitality was familiar – it reminded me of how I feel when I visit my grandmother. She recently renovated her bathroom and also mismatched modern and vintage décor. At Leoforio the furniture is vintage but modern touches prevail around the room, mainly the ceiling. The walls are decorated with paintings. And apart from homemade soup, sangria is also offered daily.

Owner Stelios Vlachos came to ask if we were satisfied with our Humor Weiss and I soon discovered he is an artist himself. Probably the reason why the bus, permanently stopped in Time and Space, turned to be a home for so many small local bands and solo artists.

I don’t consider myself to be an artist, but I did feel at home.



Where: Dimarchias 26, old town Nicosia

When: every day till midnight

Contact: 97 748177

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