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Lecture on the Greek language in Cyprus today

Tsiplakou: expert on the Cypriot dialect

On May 19 at 8pm, as part of the series of tele-lectures entitled language, literature, literacy, organised by the postgraduate programme Greek language and literature of the Open University of Cyprus, Stavroula Tsiplakou, the academic responsible for this programme, discusses the topic Linguistic diversity, linguistic contact, social bilingualism: The Greek language in Cyprus today. The tele-lecture will be broadcast by the university at the link

Focusing on the process of linguistic contact and change in Cyprus, Tsiplakou argues that the Cypriot Greeks are still resisting complete dialect levelling, in contrast to other geographical locations of Greeks, which have undergone or are undergoing levelling. This is despite the fact that social bilingualism (diglossia) in Cyprus still exists, with the prevailing variety, common Modern Greek, influencing the dialect in various ways. This influence, combined with a set of historical, socio-political, economic and demographic factors, has triggered the process of levelling local varieties and the emergence of a pan-Cypriot common variety, which is being influenced by Common Modern Greek.

Of particular interest are the reasons why certain local elements of the dialect are opposed to dialectal levelling and the reasons why the common Cypriot does not have an absolute convergence with the Common Modern Greek.

Stavroula Tsiplakou studied philology in Athens and theoretical linguistics at the Universities of Cambridge and London. She has taught at universities abroad and at the University of Cyprus. Her research interests focus on writing, pragmatics, textual linguistics and sociolinguistics, but also on educational linguistics.

The cycle of teleconferences Language, literature, literacy seeks to bring the general public in touch with issues related to the Greek language and literature and to promote lifelong learning. The lectures will be broadcast in Greek every Tuesday from April 28 until June 9.

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