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I will disagree with you this time Patrocle

Dear Patrocle,

It is not often that I disagree with you but your coffee this morning has a bitter aftertaste. My sketo was almost undrinkable. I hope my criticism will not cause people to shun your establishment. So, where do we differ? You want the economy to go full blast and to hell with the consequences; I want the country to take measured steps to keep it safe.

Why do I think you are wrong? Because an active economy means that those who promote it are themselves active, moving around, potentially spreading any disease that may be on the go. Who will be the victims of the spreading coronavirus? The very persons who will be most active in the economy. The inevitable result will be a period where the economy will appear to surge but this increase will be ephemeral as the movers and shakers end up in quarantine or – worse – in hospital.

On the other hand, if the governmental decrees are respected to the letter, the spread of the disease will be very much limited, even though the short term economy suffers. This is by far the best solution because the long-term economy will be far healthier without the burden on the hospitals and the business world struggling without its most effective personnel. In other words, let us look further ahead than the rim of the cup with my sketo.


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