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October concerts at Skali

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October is here and thankfully, live music shows are still on. This month’s concerts at Skali Aglantzias in Nicosia are by some of Greece and Cyprus’ most loved singers.

On October 6 and 7 Vasilis Papaconstantinou will sing at Skali before he moves on to other cities around Cyprus for a mini tour. On October 8 he will be at Limassol’s Municipal Gardens for a sold-out concert. Another fully-booked performance is scheduled for the following day in Larnaca’s Pattihion Theatre before Papaconstantinou returns to Limassol’s Gardens for a final show on October 11.

Before then, on October 9 singer and actress Elena Hadjiafxenti will perform some of her favourite tunes at Skali, accompanied by three other musicians. Greek melodies by Hatzidakis, Argentinian tangos and French chansons will sound on the evening and the public can enjoy them for free as there is no entrance ticket. Nonetheless, corona times are still here so be sure to make a reservation before attending by calling 99-059257.

In mid-October, another well-known singer from Greece will perform at Skali. Mariza Rizou has already held a sold-out concert on our island this summer and on October 16 she returns for the autumn edition. Who says we can’t enjoy uplifting summery songs in October too?


Vasilis Papaconstantinou

October 6-7. Skali Aglantzias, Nicosia. October 8 and 11. Municipal Gardens Limassol. October 9. Pattihion Theatre, Larnaca. 9pm

Elena Hadjafxenti

October 9. Skali Aglantzias, Nicosia. 8.30pm. Tel: 99-059257

Mariza Rizou

October 16. Skali Aglantzias, Nicosia. 8.30pm. Tel: 99-059257.

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