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Coronavirus: first vaccinations carried out, president calls it ‘a great day’ (Update 3)

Εμβολιασμός σε οίκο ευγηρίαςς Vaccinat
Vaccination at a Nicosia nursing home (PIO)

The first vaccinations with the Pfizer mRNA vaccines began in Cyprus on Sunday.

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou tweeted: “The licensing of the vaccine and the start of the vaccinations allow us to look to the future with optimism and to count down to the end of this global adventure, which is something we have never seen in history,.”

“The preparation and administration of the vaccine is the answer of science to this major health crisis. It is the result of a titanic effort of humanity. It is the product of European solidarity. It is the rise of hope in the west of a particularly difficult year,” he added.

President Nicos Anastasiades who will get the shot on Monday morning, also tweeted: “Today is a great day for our country and for the whole of Europe. Today is the beginning of the end for the biggest health crisis of the century.”

Anastasiades also said the battle continues but that darkness was giving way to “the light emanating from the scientific community”.

Vaccinations took place at Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca nursing homes, while Paphos is due to start on Monday.

Among the first to be vaccinated were residents at Nicosia and Limasosl homes including the Melathros and the Panayia facilities.

Dr Anastasios Tsiftis at the Panayia home in Limassol, who was among the first to be vaccinated, spoke of the beginning of the end of the pandemic and called on the public to trust the medicine and get vaccinated.

“I feel very happy, I feel optimistic. Today marks the beginning of the end of the pandemic. I trust science and  medicine and that was the reason that pushed me to get the vaccine today,” he said.

“I want to say to all our fellow citizens who have their doubts, that the vaccine is completely safe, dozens of people have participated in clinical trials, the results have been published and we all advocate that the vaccine is safe and I hope our fellow citizens will listen to the call of the medical community to be vaccinated, so that we can help end the pandemic faster,” he added.

In his statements, the owner of the Panayia nursing home, Stavros Mina, said 45 people would be vaccinated there.

“I am very happy that the vaccines have started and that we will be able to stop the pandemic,” he said.

Around 15-20 doctors and nurses at the Famagusta reference hospital were later vaccinated around midday

According to the health ministry vaccinations in Paphos start on Monday in three nursing homes.

The head of the Blue Cross Geriatrics and Rehabilitation Centre in Mesa Chorio, Roula Grigoriou, in  statements to CNA, said both the elderly and their relatives had already been informed about the vaccination programme and signed consent forms after reading ministry literature on the benefits and possible side effects of vaccination, which she said are short-lived and do not happen to everyone.


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