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Tripartite agreement to protect the sea

Tripartite agreement to protect the sea The environment ministers of Greece, Cyprus and Israel, Yiannis Maniatis, Nicos Kouyialis and Amir Peretz

A TRIPARTITE agreement on environmental issues, focusing on offshore research and hydrocarbon extraction and on oil pollution was agreed on Tuesday by environment ministers from Cyprus, Greece and Israel, which is expected to be signed by June.

The three ministers – Nicos Kouyialis, Yiannis Maniatis and Amir Peretz – met in Athens during the Union for the Mediterranean’s Ministerial Meeting on Environment and Climate Change.

They agreed to promote co-operation in serious cases of sea pollution in the Mediterranean caused by hydrocarbon extraction, including common drills in addition to the promotion of Green and Blue Economies and Sustainable Consumption and Production, the promotion of co-operation between public and private actors in the environmental field, the fight against desertification and climate change, biodiversity and the protection of nature.

Other topics on the agenda at the meeting, attended by ministers and representatives of 40 Mediterranean countries, included pollution of the Mediterranean due to insufficient processing of domestic and industrial waste, and the consequences of climate change in the Mediterranean.

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