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Nobel laureate to speak at Cyprus Institute

Nobel laureate Professor Carlo Rubbia will be the keynote speaker at the annual Huburt Curien Memorial Lecture at the Cyprus Institute on Friday night at 7pm, with a focus on the future of energy.

Professor Rubbia, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1984, will deliver a speech with an innovative approach to dealing with the challenges of climate change. He will examine the change mitigation potential of a “methane-based society” relying on low-carbon innovative technologies such as methane cracking and the recovery of CO2 for the production of methanol, a news release from the Cyprus Institute said.

“Hubert Curien Memorial” lectures are held yearly in memory of Professor Hubert Curien, a pioneer in the introduction of science politics in the 20th century, a former chairman of CERN and was the first chairman of the European Space Agency.

This year’s event is in honour of Professor Herwig Schopper, one of the founders of the Institute of Cyprus, on the occasion of his 90th birthday.


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