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Aphrodite’s city offers movies under the stars

By Alexandros Achilleos

Paphos is once again justifying its winning bid for European Capital of Culture for 2017 with its upcoming open-air cinema screenings. Technopolis 20 is giving Paphos residents, and all cinema fans around Cyprus, the opportunity to watch movies under the stars.

The event is promoting Cypriot directors, giving viewers a taste of local cinematography, personalities and social issues.

There are going to be four screenings until the end of August.

On Thursday two films by Tonia Mishiali, namely Dead End and Lullaby of the Butterfly will be shown.

Dead End focuses on the life of an elderly couple and how reaching a “dead end” in life is a real risk once youth, friendships and careers have faded away.

It was written, directed and produced by Tonia Mishiali and stars Fivos Georgiades and Elli Kyriakidou.

Lullaby of the Butterfly is the story of a woman who leaves her home and heads to an unknown destination with a kitchen knife in her bag. It incorporates a social issue that is not known to the audience until the very end of the movie where everything becomes clear. According to Tonia, the movie is based on a story told to her by her friend.

It was again written, directed and produced by Tonia Mishiali and stars Alexia Charalambidou, Yiannis Kokkinos and Andreas Tselepos.

Both films were internationally recognised.

The next three screenings will be on August 20, 23 and 27, when Technopolis 20 will work together with Goethe-Institut to bring cinema lovers three German films.

The Color of the Ocean will be shown on August 20. It’s a drama that describes how the lives of three people completely unknown to each other will connect through a series of events. It deals with a topical issue, illegal immigration, and how it can affect the lives of different people.

Maggie Peren directed the film and it stars Alex González, Hubert Kounde, Sabine Timoteo and Nathalie Poza.

On August 23the drama Under the Bridges will be screened. It was originally released on September 1, 1946 in Switzerland and although it’s a German film, it was not released in Germany until 1950. It deals with the everyday lives and the romances of two boatmen who fall in love with the same woman.

It was directed by Helmut Kautner and stars Carl Raddatz, Hannelore Schroth and Gustav Knuth.

The last screening of the film Home for the Weekend will be August 27. The film’s main character, Marko, visits his parents for the weekend to give them time with their grandson. He hopes for a quiet family-weekend but his wishes don’t true once his mother makes a surprising announcement and a series of revelations.

The film was directed by Hans-Christian Schmid and stars Lars Eidinger, Egon Merten and Eva Mechbach.

Screenings start at 8:30pm and entrance – and the all important popcorn – is free.

Film Festival

Screening of a number of films. Until August 27. Technoplis 20 Cultural Centre, Paphos. 8.30pm. Free. Tel: 70-002420

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