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Letter to Editor: Debunking the debunker

It is not normal to see numerous X's in the skies above Peyia

I read with interest the Sunday Mail opinion by Dennis Mersereau (Debunking the chemtrail conspiracy, February 21). Mersereau seems oblivious to many “facts”, not the red herring “theories” he presents as diversionary tactics in his article.

For example, in 1999 the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defence Policy of the European Parliament culminated in the adoption of a proposal for a resolution “On the Environment, Security and Foreign Policy”. This resolution sadly has been ignored, in spite of the fact that it demanded investigation of its conclusions on military experiments being carried out in the atmosphere. It put forward the need for protection of the population and environment and underlined the need to discover the purpose and scope of the unauthorised experiments being conducted over our heads.

More recently, a civil society platform of which I am a member, Skyguards, organised a conference, “Beyond theories of weather modification – Civil Society versus Geoengineering”, in the European Parliament in 2013. During the conference we submitted a petition on this subject, which was formally accepted by the Committee on Petitions in 2014 and is currently under investigation.

Mersereau seems unaware of the many respectable scientists who speak up about the global geoengineering campaign of weather manipulation. Credible professionals (doctors, pilots, meteorologists, biologists, lawyers) are involved in the growing campaign to increase public awareness of this environmental experiment conducted in our skies without our consent. There are even legal teams in the USA and Canada who are preparing to launch action in the courts.
None of these are activities one would expect from “conspiracy theorists”.

‘Geoengineering’ is defined as the large scale and deliberate manipulating of the Earth’s environment. It consists of reflection of incoming solar radiation to create global dimming, presented under many guises, such as Solar Radiation Management, Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, weather modification, almost always as theory rather than the reality of its occurrence across the globe. There are increasing public relations campaigns in support of this to prepare the way for full implementation of this covert programme. Oxford University has its own “social study” group whose purpose appears to be to create profiles of attitudes towards geoengineering to overcome social resistance to it. Symposia organised by universities such as Cambridge and Oxford are held every year in Europe to discuss geoengineering. Skyguards has attended several of these conferences in efforts to present genuine civil society concerns about the aerosol spraying without consent.

During the American Association for Advancement of Science conference in California in 2010, an open discussion took place about spraying 20 million tons of aluminium into the air on a yearly basis. A US patent from 1991, held by Hughes Aircraft Company (now Raytheon Corporation, US defence contractor), describes 18 ways to reduce global warming through stratospheric seeding with Aluminium Oxide, Thorium Oxide and refractory Welsbach material (small metal particles) to reflect incoming sunlight.

Let’s not forget the UN Weather Weapons Treaty of 1976 nor the UN Convention on Biodiversity, the latter of which passed a 2010 proposal to ban geoengineering solutions to global warming. In 2009, five economists, including three Nobel laureates, declared that climate engineering was considered as the cheapest and fastest solution to the global warming problem.

These clandestine experiments are conducted in silence so as to continue business as usual and violate the precautionary principle with as yet unknown and poorly understood, unintended side effects on public health and the climate of our planet.

I should like to mention that in the skies above Peyia, on the western coast of Cyprus, it is certainly NOT normal to see numerous “X”s in the sky at the same time, apparently outside of designated air corridors.

To close, I would like to say that Mersereau is also wrong in his pseudo psychological theory that activists are fearful. It may reassure him to know that after almost ten years on Peyia Council, I am definitely not “scared”.

Linda Leblanc, Peyia councillor, Peyia Coalition of Independents and Green Party

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