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Body transportation problem at Paphos morgue solved

The refrigerated container which is serving as the Paphos morgue for the next six months

The health ministry on Wednesday said they had solved the problem of transporting bodies from the Paphos morgue to Limassol for post-mortems while the Paphos facility is being renovated.

It was reported on Wednesday that due to renovations at the Paphos hospital’s morgue, a problem had occurred with the transportation of bodies to the Limassol hospital for post mortems, as there was no suitable air-conditioned vehicle available.

A refrigerated container has been placed outside the Paphos morgue to store bodies for the next five to six months until the renovation is completed. During that time no post mortems can be carried out in Paphos and must be taken to Limassol.

The transport problem arose on Wednesday when police asked for the transfer of a body to the Limassol hospital for a post mortem, but staff at the Paphos hospital did not have a vehicle to arrange this.

The use of ambulances was immediately rejected.

On Wednesday afternoon, the health ministry said that an air-conditioned vehicle had been found to transport the bodies to Limassol for as long as the renovation takes place.

“Similar arrangements were in place when the Larnaca and Limassol morgues were under renovation,” a health ministry spokesperson told the Cyprus Mail.


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