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New training course for motorcyclists

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In 2014 and 2015, 29 motorcyclists were killed in Cyprus of whom nearly 50 per cent were not wearing a crash helmet, the president of the road safety group Reaction said on Monday.

Of these, 41 per cent or 12 people were under the age of 25, he added.

As a step to reducing these numbers, the NGO and the Nicosia Motorcycle Club are organising a training course for motorcyclists, specifically for those riding motorbikes in cities.

“Most road accidents with motorcyclists take place in an urban environment and a large proportion of them are not the fault of the motorcyclist but other road users, especially motorists,” said Reaction president Marios Stavrou.

At Monday’s press conference, ART, a new programme for motorcyclists with riding coach Spyros Koutra and the California Superbike School was presented.

The aim of the programme is teaching riders the basic principles of riding a motorbike and to identify and correct the usual handling mistakes of riders travelling at speed.

According to Reaction, ART is the only bike rider training course in the world that reduced accidents by more than 40 per cent in the US after ten years of operation, a proof of its excellent design and use of proper materials.

Stavrou called on the state and especially the House of Representatives to also address the problems of motorcyclists and to take the recommendations and opinions of the Cyprus Motorcycle Federation (CYMF) and organised bikers seriously.

The secretary general of the CYMF Argyris Hadjipakkos said the road safety of motorcyclists is a prime objective of the federation and there would be even more intensified actions towards this goal.

Members of the CYMF in collaboration with Reaction are currently conducting a literature review of other countries’ laws with respect to motorcyclists. The ultimate objective is to increase penalties for motorcyclists causing accidents and to explore the standards of other European countries, Hadjipakkos said.




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