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Love wins out in Rizokarpaso

Panayiotos and Hatice (Photo: Duygu Alan, Havadis)

A LOVE story between a Greek Cypriot man and a Turkish Cypriot woman who married more than 20 years after falling in love but went on to live separate lives, was featured in Turkish Cypriot newspaper Havadis on Wednesday.

Under the headline “In Rizokarpaso, love won” the report tells how Greek Cypriot Panayiotis Andreou and Turkish Cypriot Hatice Yeser, both born raised in Rizokarpaso fell in love as teenagers but never confessed to each other their feelings.

Following their parents’ orders they both went on to marry different people. Yeser was married at the age of 16 to a Turkish Cypriot man 21 years her senior. They moved to London together and seven years later, Yeser had a baby. After finding out her husband cheated on her, she moved to Cyprus where she lived with her parents for 15 years without getting married.

Andreou in the meantime, also married an older Greek Cypriot woman, had two sons, got divorced and moved back to his family home in Rizokarpaso.

Nevertheless, five years ago, the two bumped into each other on the street in Rizokarpaso. According to Havadis, he said to her: Let’s get married and be together” so defying their parents wishes, they got married in the north and now live together.

They now have a three-year-old son who goes to a Greek Cypriot school and said they hope that one day their families will understand and they are patiently waiting for that day.

The couple, along with their child and Yeser’s daughter from her previous marriage live in a rented home in Ayia Triada.



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