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Bar review: Lush, Larnaca

The temperature is rising and the days are getting longer – summer is just around the corner. What better than enjoying a drink listening to the sounds of the waves and feeling that cool sea breeze? Being able to do just this at Lush on the Makenzie beach strip of Larnaca is just one of the reasons it has become such a summer hot spot over the last few years.

Lush is generally busy throughout the day and night during the summer season. So much so that if visiting in the evening in the summer it is highly recommended that a reservation is made.

Lush is a modern and trendy beach bar, reminiscent of something you may find on a beach in St Tropez. The tables, chairs and sun loungers out on the beach are all a clean, bright white. The large four poster bed style sun loungers are so popular that Lush have had to implement a minimum spend for people who occupy them.

The music played at Lush is always current, one drawback is that if you are sat outside, the powerful speakers blaring out the music can stifle any conversation! I’d recommend trying to find a table that is not too close to one of the speakers!

Lush boasts a wide variety of signature cocktails that all look professionally made. I opted for the Pisco Potion while my friend, not being able to decide whether they wanted a cocktail or a coffee went for an option that provides both – an Espresso Martini! One thing that impressed me was that Lush use fresh fruit and fruit purée in their cocktails as opposed to sugary syrups used by most places to give cocktails ‘flavour’. My cocktail had a brilliant mixture of sourness from the Pisco and lime juice, and sweetness from the fresh passion fruit all balanced out with just the right amount of orange bitters. A fantastically refreshing drink for the summer!

Keep an eye out on the Lush Facebook page if you like live music as they frequently host sell out events with big name singers from Greece and Cyprus. If you specifically enjoy Greek music, every Sunday from 9pm is Greek night.

For an afternoon drink on the beach or a night out, I always enjoy visiting Lush and recommend you give it a go!

When: round the clock seven days a week
Where: Mackenzie beach, Larnaca
Contact: 70008089

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