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Restaurant review: Agios Epiktitos Tavern, Limassol

Being immersed in the hustle and bustle of the city is great, especially as amazing and creative dining experiences await you in every corner. Nevertheless, sometimes you seek something different, something away from all the buzz, something that offers peace and relaxation, and it is when you are looking for these that you find that Agios Epiktitos Tavern.

The reason Agios Epiktitos may not be on your radar is probably because it is hidden away in the picturesque village of Armenochori. And, it comes with a breathtaking view. As a result, you are in the position of enjoying a meal while having the view of Limassol.

But, it’s not only the view that will appeal. The homely environment created by the restaurant owners makes you feel right at home. Emulating an old town house, the décor and environment are strictly traditional, and the management is adamant on that.

The service at the restaurant is impeccable. Being family run – father, mother, son and grandmother are owed congratulations on their hard work as it is this that comes through in the overall environment of the restaurant, not least the food.

The tavern has quite a few dining options: souvlaki, steak, shieftelies and other choices. Your best bet though is the meze. Being served at a reasonable price you are guaranteed your money’s worth as the portions served are more than enough for the average person. But what does it include? The meal starts with salad and olives, houmous and tzatziki dips along with traditional bread soaked in olive oil. Both dips are homemade and are absolutely delicious. This was then followed by the very Cypriot pourgouri (pilaf rice), zucchini with eggs, haloumi cheese, lounzta, village pasta and tavas. All are homemade and delicious. The tavas though is something that should be tried and enjoyed thoroughly, as it is not easily found.

All this was then followed by the ‘meat section’ of the meal. We were served lamb chops marinated in wine and grilled, chicken breast, souvlaki and shieftelies. I could sit here and rave for hours on how great the meat selection was but suffice to say we ate and enjoyed it all. All meats were cooked to perfection and were very satisfying. In addition to the meze as we were feeling adventurous we also ordered the steak, which came on a large platter, a portion more than enough for one person and it too was cooked to perfection.

All in all, Agios Epiktitos tavern is an establishment that strives to keep true to the traditional, making it even more special. It’s overwhelmed by very striking scenery; a thing that will make your experience there unforgettable. The meals are more than enough, and the prices are great. The only thing going against it is the drive, but if you are willing to undertake that, then this tavern is for you.



SPECIALTY traditional Cypriot cuisine

WHERE Agios Apiktitos tavern, Armenochori, Limassol

CONTACT 99 346529

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