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Griffon vulture released into wild after spell in hospital (Video)

The rare Griffon vulture (BirdLife Cyprus)

Α griffon vulture that had been treated at wildlife hospital after it was found stranded at Episkopi Bay has been released and is doing well, BirdLife Cyprus said on Wednesday.

“The vulture was released last Friday from the facilities in Limassol and it is been tracked every two hours,” said BirdLife project coordinator Melpo Apostolidou.

“Recent data from the radio transmitter showed it survived and found its colony at Episkopi Bay in Paphos” she told the Cyprus Mail.

The young griffon vulture was found wet, in distress and unable to fly on a rock at Episkopi Bay by a BirdLife volunteer on September 8.

They were able to reach and rescue the bird with the help of a private boat owner.

The injured bird was transferred to Athalassa Wildlife Hospital in Nicosia where a band was placed on its leg and its wings were cleaned of the salt.

The bird was placed in a cage for about a month and was slowly fed until it reached the desired weight.

From there the griffon was transferred to Limassol where it was fed by Game Fund staff and was able to practise flying in preparation for its release.

Η απελευθέρωση του νεαρού Γύπα

Μετά από περισσότερο από ένα μήνα στον ειδικό κλωβό της Υπηρεσίας Θήρας και Πανίδας, ο νεαρός Γύπας απελευθερώθηκε με επιτυχία! Μετά από 5 μέρες αγωνίας για το αν θα καταφέρει να σμίξει με τους υπόλοιπους Γύπες, το σήμα του πομπού σήμερα εκπέμπει από την αποικία Γυπών και μάλιστα δίπλα σε άλλον Γύπα ο οποίος επίσης φέρει πομπό και απελευθερώθηκε την ίδια μέρα. Και τώρα είναι ώρα για ψηφοφορία! Τι όνομα να δώσουμε στον νεαρό μας Γύπα; Ζωή ή Νεφέλη; Ψηφίστε εδώ:–After having spent more than a month at the Game and Fauna Service's acclimatization aviary, the young Griffon Vulture that was found stranded at Episkopi Bay, was ringed, tagged and successfully released! After 5 days of worry whether it will be reunited with its fellow vultures, the GPS tag is now transmitting from the vulture colony and in fact, right next to another Griffon Vulture, that was also tagged, ringed and released on the same day.And now it's voting time! What name shall we give it? Zoe or Nepheli? Take part in the voting process ?

Posted by BirdLife Cyprus on Wednesday, 20 November 2019


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