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Coronavirus: numbers to call for those unable to use 8998

The deputy ministry for research, innovation and digital policy is introducing a new call centre service in order to facilitate the movement of people who cannot use the 8998 text messaging service, it announced on Thursday.

Only some people are advised to use the service, namely subscribers of foreign telecommunications providers, as the current SMS system  does not support messages from non-Cypriot numbers and residents who face any kind of problems in the efforts to attain approval through the SMS service.

The new service will be available from 6am to 9pm in both Greek and English, as follows:

For Cypriot phone numbers: 80012012

For non-Cypriot phone numbers: +357 22 263030

The centre, through an automated interactive voice response system, will service calls only from mobile phones.

Persons using this system for movements by way of exception will be receiving a relevant reply via SMS on their mobile phones.

“Please be reminded that, as per the relevant decrees, only one movement by way of exception is allowed per day, regardless of the method used to attain the relevant approval,” the announcement warned.

“Citizens bear personal responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided to the call centre and shall be liable for false statements.”

More information on the process of attaining approval for movement by way of exception is available at the following link:

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