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SBA police investigate killings of dogs and sheep

By Evie Andreou

The Sovereign Base Areas police said on Saturday they were investigating the brutal killing and theft of animals in a farm in Dasaki Akhnas.

According to the SBA press office, eight lambs and four sheep were stolen from the farm, while five sheep and two dogs were killed, and two more lambs were wounded.

“Investigations are underway, but at the moment we can’t say anything further,” an SBA spokesperson told the Sunday Mail.

The incident was reported on Friday when the farm’s owner went to tend to his animals and found several sheep and his two guard dogs slaughtered.

According to the Animal Party, that condemned the incident, the man’s two dogs that were guarding the farm, were found dead with their necks and legs broken, while two of the lambs were left paralysed.

Media reports said that the lambs and sheep were stabbed in the neck and were left to die a slow death. The same reports said that the farmer suffered damage estimated at €10,000.

“The farmer is financially destroyed,” the Animal Party said in an announcement.

The perpetrators, the party said, “must be either psychologically imbalanced or keen on committing such atrocities against defenseless animals”.

The person who did this, might be the same one who killed 13 dogs in February 2015, the Animal Party said, which was also investigated by the SBA police, “but although we had requested information on this case so far we had no information”.

The 13 dogs belonging to a single owner were found dead last February also in a farm in the Dasaki Akhnas area. The animals – of various breeds – were killed in an “inhuman” way police had said. The dogs, the Animal Party said, had been killed using a special tool used in slaughterhouses.

The Animal Party urged the bases’ police to investigate the case to identify the perpetrators.


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