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Not all expats whinge and whine

As an “expat” who has lived here for many years, and listened with sadness from some of my countrymen; their moans and groans; whingeing and whining about life here, and some of the services provided.  I recently moved into a small apartment for a while, and had to get services on i.e. internet and power.  I signed a contract one morning, went straight to both providers, and by midday the next day both on.  Now I call that blooming good service.  My mother-in-law in England waited nearly six months for BT to get her internet up and running in a newly built house.

I decided to also get a television, and went to the CyTA shop, which as the most friendly, helpful staff, and sure as heck within two days it was all set up… such nice, helpful guys, and a bigger job than they thought, but no moaning, and with quick, efficient service.

I get so disheartened listening to such negative reports about both CyTA and the EAC, but I, as a consumer, have no fault to find. I too am a taxpayer, and appreciate all the arguments both for, and against privatisation.  I used to work for a nationalised industry in England some years ago (electricity and power) and saw how the union power destroyed the industry – from retail sales of products to general supply to ordinary consumers. I just hope that there can be a “middle road”, on such a small island.

Whatever, and however, it all plays out, I would just like to thank both CYTA and the EAC for ruddy good service.  I cannot fault them.

A satisfied customer

Mary Ayris

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