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Aerial spraying against mosquitos in Larnaca on Friday

Photo: CNA

Aerial spraying for mosquito control will be carried out on Friday in Larnaca, the municipality said on Tuesday.

In a written statement it said that in collaboration with the forestry department and with the approval of the ministry of agriculture the spraying will be done in the area of Kamares from 7.30am until 10am barring unfavourable weather conditions, in which case the operation will be moved to Monday May 23 during the same time period.

“Aerial spraying will be undertaken at a low level for best results,” it said. The spraying will be done from a yellow forestry department ‘tractor’ aircraft with an FD1 registration, in case the public is concerned or are unaware of what is happening.

At the time of spraying the nature trail from Kamares to the Salt Lake will be closed to the public.

For further information contact the office of the Health Service of the Municipality of Larnaca by phone 24816559 and 24816557. (CNA)




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