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Let’s ask how many refugees really want to return

Sir, it is reported that the Mont Pelerin negotiations were stuck over how many Greek Cypriots should be restored to the occupied territory and the related issue of Morphou. It is further reported that the mayor of that town has reacted angrily to the suggestion that after 42 years there may not be many people who now wish to return there or to the north at all. Speaking only from my own contacts I have yet to meet anyone who wishes to return, though there are plenty who would wish to be compensated.

Would it be possible to ask the population of the unoccupied part how many wish to return? I have a feeling that the answer would be not many. If I am right the sticking points are illusory. There are of course other issues but with the assistance of friendly nations they are surely not insoluble.

Come on you leaders. All of us who love Cyprus urge you to forget red lines and get this issue sorted.

Gareth Edwards, Chester UK

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