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Aspiring new homeowners’ checklist

By Sinead Kelly

8 tips to add to your new house project checklist

So you have made up your mind to build a new house. You have also created your first checklist. Confident and proud you proceed, but there are a few things that might have slipped your attention. Without further ado, make sure you add the following to the checklist.

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1. Go for safety first: Hardwired smoke detectors are usually required by law and are important for protecting your family. Sprinklers may be a viable option, especially in the kitchen. If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, fires, or flooding, additional safety measures should be in place. Speak with your builder about it. Hi-tech apps have also come a long way regarding house safety, consider using them.

2. Overestimate: For example, you’re supposed to order 10% extra of the floor and wall tiles to cover breakage, but we suggest ordering 15% for breaks down the road.

3. Look at the roof: The materials and the type of your roof can affect or even determine a lot, such as the house temperature, the energy costs, safety and many more. Therefore, choose and invest wisely.

4. Do the floor power sign: Radiant heat method, for example, keeps floors the perfect temperature so you don’t need to turn on the heat as much. Plus, you get to walk barefoot anytime during winter!

5. Create storage: When planning the house, find unused nooks and use them for storage.

6. Think small: Well-designed small houses can be more cosy, practical and experiences-rich than exuberant mansions. Furthermore, this might give you and your children the chance to enjoy a bigger garden-playground.

7. Be like Inspector Clouseau: Don’t forget to do some investigation before buying the land. Are there any plans for future constructions where your current beautiful view is? What could change in that environment that would affect you?

8. Remember that you become your environment: What goes around comes around. Choose materials, processes and energy sources that protect our environment and your health.

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