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Hypocrites should lay off the weed

It was interesting to read in your newspaper that an American-based company specialising in medical cannabis research and production, said it had been cleared for distribution of cannabinoid formulations for cancer patients in Cyprus.

It was about time but Cyprus remains well behind on the general issue.

I am concerned about constantly reading about the police here arresting people for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

At a time when many advanced, western democracies are relaxing, modernising and abolishing their cannabis laws, we in Cyprus (a member of the European Union) have laws more akin to those seen in countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Instead of properly educating themselves on the subject, the authorities here on the island maintain their outdated and factually incorrect views.

Asked for their opinions, many organisations, including London’s Metropolitan Police and Harvard Medical School, have said that the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ has failed miserably.

In the case of cannabis, more and more scientific evidence is rapidly emerging, showing the plant’s medical benefits for a wide-ranging variety of serious diseases and ailments.

As for the old adage that marijuana is a ‘gateway’ to harder drugs, the authorities should again check the research on the subject, which disproves this view convincingly.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are killed every year by alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs, which are all legal. There have been no recorded cases in human history of cannabis leading to death.

In today’s world, there can be no justification for locking up members of society and criminalising them for minor marijuana offences. A person who says otherwise is an uneducated hypocrite.


Michalis Constantinou, Nicosia


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