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The best moments captured on film

The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in Nicosia has given us moments of cultural wonder. It has invited us to workshops, lectures, exhibitions and festivals, and over the past year, all the wonders of these cultural moments have been captured through the lens of photographer Kyriakos Christodoulides.

These moments will be displayed at the foundation through a total of 27 snapshots that will show an infinity of emotions in one exhibition, starting on Monday.

But how did Christodoulides choose just 27 moments out of a whole year of events? “I personally believe there’s no right-wrong binary in art”, Christodoulides pointed out. “There are different approaches and aesthetics. I do not belong to the category of creators that believe photography should adhere to specific rules. For me, a good picture is that which has grasped the feeling of the moment”.

Crafting his own identity in the course of his collaboration with the foundation, the photographer had the opportunity to engage closely with exhibitions, tours and child animators by way of arts and specific techniques. He had the chance to capture reactions to events, and frame then in digital form to share these special moments.

In a Moment
Photography exhibition by Kyriakos Christoudoulisi. April 16-30. Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Nicosia. Monday-Sunday: 10am-7pm. Tel: 22-128157

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