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Property questions: How many witnesses are needed for a rent agreement?

We have let our apartment for one year yet the tenant gave us notice to terminate prior to the 12 months claiming that the lease was not signed by four witnesses (two each). So far as we know a contract needs one witness for each contracting party, a total of two, not four.
Are we in the wrong?
Ruth & Morris

I am afraid the tenant is right. A lease for a year or less requires four witnesses etc.
AP Loizou


We engaged a contractor to carry out an extension to our building for the sum of €100,000. He interrupted the work and simply left.
Our advocate says that the contractor was not a licensed one and therefore our contract was null and void.
Is he right?

Your advocate is correct I am afraid. Being a void contract you should claim back at least your down payment. Following advocate’s advice you can sue him for misrepresentation (i.e. if he is not a licensed contractor and he did not tell you, but then the court may decide that you did not do your due diligence to ascertain this). Not an easy job but have a go once you get your advocate’s advice mind you.
AP Loizou