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Greek singer hits back after performance in north

A Greek singer on Saturday defended her choice to sing at a casino in occupied Nicosia last month arguing that those accusing her should ponder how many thousands of Greek Cypriots go to these casinos to gamble.

Anastasia Kalogeropoulou felt the need to set the record straight after receiving many messages of discontent on social media by Greek Cypriots when Sigmalive published an article on Friday that she had sung on June 14 at a casino “the Attila built illegally in enslaved Nicosia.”

In a video on social media Kalogeropoulou said she had been bombarded by messages after Sigmalive published the article and wanted to put forth a few questions to the person who wrote it.

She said she had worked in Istanbul for two years in the past and had been asked several times to sing in the occupied areas.

She finally agreed to do it after being told that her audience would be Greek Cypriots, she said.

The event was a big success, she said, since 450 of the some 500 people present at the casino that night were Greek Cypriots.

Kalogeropoulou asked Sigmalive whether they ever ran an article on how many taxi drivers are fighting outside Larnaca airport for who will transport tourists to the north.

“Have you ever done an article on how many Greek Cypriots go for shopping in the occupied areas and gamble in casinos? […] how many Cypriot politicians go to hotels in the occupied areas to eat instead of pointing the finger only at me?” she asked.

Her trip to the north was purely for business, she said.

“At least, I went there and got money, and not to give money.”

She said thousands go to the north to gamble in casinos and the reason casinos there organise Greek nights is because their Greek Cypriot customers ask them to.

“Am I the only one in the wrong and a traitor? Because I am from Greece?” she asked.

Kalogeropoulou said that the news portal ought to tell the whole truth instead of picking on her “because the root of the problem starts with all of you.”

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