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Bill proposes to strip passports from those who recognise state in north

Diko and Edek on Friday submitted a bill proposing the withdrawal of Cypriot citizenship from people who recognise the breakaway state in the north of the island.

Signed by Diko MPs Pavlos Mylonas and Zaharias Koulias and Edek MP Costis Efstathiou, the proposal provides that people applying for Cypriot citizenship and those who already have it, must submit a written declaration that they do not recognise the breakaway administration, hold an office there or hold any property belonging to a Greek Cypriot.

Despite its clear aim, the proposal does not appear to make any distinction between Cypriot citizens.

The parties justified it as a means to tackle the phenomenon of Turkish Cypriot holders of Cypriot passports with positions in the breakaway administration using them to gain the rights and never the obligations.

“They travel abroad with Republic of Cyprus passports and take part in campaigns against the RoC, arguing it does not exist or it has lapsed, promoting the interests of Turkey and the occupation regime,” Edek said.

According to the party, the government said it has no information concerning how many breakaway state officials hold Cypriot passports and when they were issued.

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