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Coronavirus: beach rules announced

Photo: Christos Theodorides

The health ministry on Friday issued health instructions for beaches, a day before they are being reopened.

According to the announcement, the minimum distance between umbrellas on the beaches is set at four metres, while the minimum distance between sunbeds must be two metres.

Only members of the same family or people who observe the distance of two metres between them are allowed to engage in sports activities.

The health services urge people responsible for providing services and managing the beaches to implement a series of measures.

Staff who will come in contact with the public should be trained, be aware of the symptoms of the coronavirus and recognise them so that they can identify possibly infected cases.

Staff who may develop symptoms of the virus should refrain from working and contact a doctor by phone immediately.

People working at the beaches should avoid coming close or touching the visitors and cover their nose and mouth with a mask.

A towel must be placed on the sunbed, something which is the responsibility of every visitor.

Beach staff are obliged to disinfect sunbeds and chairs after each use by a beachgoer.

Until the measures are relaxed further it is forbidden to sell items such as lottery tickets and beach games and it is recommended to encourage electronic transactions rather than cash payments.

For the time being, the use of locker rooms and showers located indoors is not allowed.

Those who sell food and drink have to follow the instructions the health ministry has issued for pubs, cafes and restaurants. The minimum distance between customers waiting to be served is two metres.

Water sports equipment has to be cleaned and disinfected regularly and after each use by a customer.

Cleaning should be done wearing gloves.

Sanitary facilities such as toilets and outdoor showers have to be disinfected frequently and thorough cleaning of common areas is required.

Toilets should be equipped with liquid soap, disposable paper towels and an antiseptic alcohol solution with an alcohol content of at least 70 per cent. Special care must be taken for the systematic, adequate and continuous natural ventilation of the toilets.

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