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The injections were as effective as a placebo

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I visited a hospital which had recently joined Gesy due to pain in my shoulder.

In no time at all the doctor I saw gave me an injection in the shoulder, no feeling around for the appropriate place, just jab the needle in.

After a week I was in pain again and he was happy to do the same and (I know I was stupid) I went again the following week.

By this time my husband was concerned so encouraged me to see his rheumatology specialist who, also, had just joined Gesy.

It turned out that whatever the first doctor was jabbing in my shoulder was about as effective as an placebo and that, apparently, these doctors receive a nice large sum of money for every injection. The rheumatologist checked out the mobility of my shoulder and took quite a while to find the exact spot to inject cortisone and it jolly well hurt, which is normally the case.

Within a day I was free of pain for the first time in ages and remained so for many months.


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