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A loud message of hope in the Pink Silhouettes March


  • Thousands of people participated, sending the message that breast cancer is not unbeatable
  • Yiorgos Appios (CEO AstroBank): “AstroBank is present and chooses to stay here, supporting with love and devotion the valuable work of Europa Donna Cyprus.”


With the participation of thousands of people and the main message “We walk for ourselves and all the women in our lives”, the 13th Pink Silhouettes March took place on Saturday, October 7, co-organised by Europa Donna Cyprus and AstroBank, on the occasion of the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In a brief ceremony before the march, Health Minister Yiorgos Pamboridis, Europa Donna Cyprus chairwoman Evie Papadopoulou, and AstroBank’s CEO Yiorgos Appios. Also attending the event were House Speaker Demetris Syllouris and other MPs and officials.

In his remarks, Health Minister Yiorgos Pamboridis referred to the recent departures from the Specialised Breast Cancer Centre, stressing that the services offered by the Centre and their quality will not be allowed to lessen, ensuring that it will be strengthened so that it can continue to offer the required support.

Europa Donna Cyprus chairwoman Evie Papadopoulou highlighted that everyone’s goal is for this disease to take lives. “To make the journey through breast cancer as painless as possible. To prevent. Prevention, checking and early diagnosis save lives,” she noted.

In his address, AstroBank CEO Yiorgos Appios said that, for the 8th consecutive year, AstroBank stands in support of Europa Donna Cyprus. “AstroBank is present and chooses to stay here, supporting with love and devotion the valuable work of Europa Donna Cyprus,” he said.

This year’s march had 620 pink, 7 blue and 102 white figures, representing the 620 new incidents of 2016 among women, 7 new incidents in 2016 among men, and the 102 women who fought their battle but, unfortunately, lost their lives

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