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Christmas turkey can cost anything from €2.99 to €6 per kilo

Turkey Meat

Your Christmas turkey will cost between €2.99 and €6 a kilo, depending on whether it is local or imported and where you buy it from, according to a price survey carried out by the government’s consumer protection service in the run-up to the holidays.

Officials checked retail prices for 18 fresh meat and poultry products at 97 outlets (large and small supermarkets and community butchers) islandwide.

They also surveyed prices for eight variations of traditional Christmas sweets at 56 outlets (large supermarkets and bakeries). The prices are for December 17 and are published on the service’s webpage, in summary, and in detail by outlet.


A kilo of local lamb (in pieces) costs between €6.95 and €10.45 — while the cheapest pork fillet is €2.65 a kilo and the most expensive €6.25. Pork mince ranges from €2.65 a kilo to €6.85 while beef mince is a pricier €5.35 a kilo (lowest price) and €12 a kilo (highest price).

Chicken costs between €2.49 and €5.50 a kilo (whole chicken) and between €3.99 and €12.00 a kilo for fillet. Local turkey is between €3.69 and €6.00 a kilo for local fresh turkey and €2.99 to €4.19 for imported.

The survey for Christmas sweets covered eight delicacies, including melomakarona and kourabiedes.

The former cost between €7.50 and €16.00 a kilo while almond kourabiedes cost between €4.95 and €18.00 a kilo.

The lowest price for Christmas cake (per kilo) is €6.87 and the highest €26.5.

The consumer protection service said that its Christmas Observatory is a useful tool to inform consumers in their research and boosts competition by promoting transparency.

But it clarified that the observatory is intended only to assist consumers and does not in any way constitute advice. “Price observatories are not intended to and cannot replace the market research that every consumer must carry out based on their own preferences, given their needs, nor do they aim at indicating to consumers the outlets to choose,” it said.

More specifically, as regards the products in this observatory, it noted that there are differences in quality that cannot be taken into consideration in the results of a price observatory.

Consumers are urged to carry out their own market research before making any purchases so as to find the products and prices which satisfy their needs and also check what they are paying and buying.

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